Your Samurai story awaits here.

Kyoto Samurai Experience

Kyoto Samurai Experience
This is an excellent chance for visitors to get a firsthand look into the world of the samurai. Get a glimpse into the philosophies of Bushido, the way of the warrior, through wielding a real katana and Zen meditation, used by the samurai to calm their minds during battle.

First you will be introduced into the samurai residence, and will change into the “Hakama”, the samurai clothes.
The master will give you a brief speech about the samurais, and demonstrate some moves with the sword.

-Form Practice-
Before being given a real blade it is important to master the basics. We will begin our training using wooden practice swords and instruct you on the proper grip, posture, and form.

-A Real Katana (Japanese sword)-
After learning the basics, the next step is to wield a real katana, and use it to cut though a goza mat. We will place the goza mat vertically on a special stand and you can put your sword skills to the test.

-Zen (meditation)-
To wrap up the course you will be learn how to meditate using singing bowls. A singing bowl is a type of bell, the sounds of which help to clear and calm the mind. Though this deep meditation you will be able to dissipate some of the excitement from practicing with the sword and also learn ways in which Zen meditation can assist you in your daily life as well.

(Our courses are conducted from 10am / 1pm / 3pm. When reserving a class, please select from one of these times.
We are happy to negotiate regarding different times, private sessions, or large groups and other special circumstances. Please email or call us in advance and also please be aware that other charges may be applied.)

Detailed Information

Place (Address)
Kyoto Samurai Experience (604-8803 Inaba-Cho 111, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto)
10am~12pm / 1pm~5pm
18,000 yen (Children from 6~12 years old /12,000 yen)
Reservation in advance is required. We do not accept on the day reservations. You will be able to take photos and videos anytime, anywhere.
Regular Holidays
Saturday Sunday
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