2. Lantern Light Noh

Lantern Light Noh

Well-known for its masked actors and elaborate costumes, Noh is Japan’s oldest form of theater. Noh has remained almost unchanged and is still performed as it was developed in the 14th century.
As such, Noh can sometimes seem hard to approach for modern audiences, however, in the course of just one evening, you will gain the tools to understand and appreciate Noh.
In the setting of a traditional Japanese home, a formal residence of samurai, dive into the rich history of Noh with us. We will provide tools needed for deciphering the complexities of Noh and teach you what to look for in order to heighten your enjoyment of the artform.
A professional Noh actor will perform selected Noh plays in an incredibly intimate setting. This will be a truly unforgettable experience.

A full Kyoto style dinner box and drinks (sake, beer, soft drinks etc. / all you can drink) will also be provided.
(Customers with special dietary needs should inform us at the time of booking so that special arrangements can be made)

Price: 30,000 yen per person (A full Kyoto style dinner box and drinks included)

Plan name
Lantern Light Noh
Time & Price
6:30pm~8:30pm (Negotiable) / 30,000 yen
Reservation in advance is required. The minimum participants for a reservation, is 2 people.
Contact for Reservation